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Pneumatic Compressors
We have also created our standing for pneumatic/ air compressors. We manufacture such compressors with the help of quality and tested raw material such as high-grade stainless steel. Lots of industrial processes use our compressors and gain hugely with their consistent performance. Our pneumatic compressor uses up absolutely minimal cost of operation for electricity charges and also delivers high efficiency of rotary screw. Our compressors have no wear and tear for being installed with less moving parts. We group all the service points together in our compressors which get easily accessible and make them extremely maintenance friendly.

pneumatic compressors
Crankcase & Cylinder (s): Manufactured with close grain cast iron under strict quality control. Precision machined on Multi Axis GNG Horizontal & Vertical Boring machines ensuring accurate alignment and perfectly round honed bores to fine tolerance of 5 microns.

Connecting Rods: SG lron as per lS standards of HighT ensile-Exceptionally Wear Resistant. Accurately machined, Hardened, Ground bearing surface. Dynamically balanced to minimize vibration for smooth operation.

Pistons, Gudgeon Pins & Piston Rings: Aluminium Alloy pistons with optimized design for low power consumption & oil free compression. Gudgeon pins of case hardened alloy steel and Chromium-plated piston rings for low frictional loss and long service life.

Main Bearings: Both end support design with Roller Ball Bearings at the flywheel side and the rear side of the crankshaft.

Valve Plate: Highly efficient and extremely robust valve plate design, manufactured in-house with hardened, tempered and lapped Flapper spring steel valve reeds for best performance at high Compression ratios, minimum power consumption negligible leakage and quiet operation.

Crankshaft OilSeal: High-grade rubber with integrated steel bellow – Excellent Stability insignificant thermal load.

Lubrication System: Splash system suppliers lubricant to all bearings, seal and cylinder wall through an integrated dipper construction in the Connecting rods. Oil level should be maintained at the center of sight glass.

Flywheel: Well balanced to ensure vibration free service, with a unique fan rib construction for effective cooling of the cylinder(s).

Compressor Tests: Every compressor is exposed to rigorous running tests, volumetric efficiency tests as per standards. Compressor Finish: Chemically degreased three coats of paints applied – two Anti-rust undercoats and a final finishing paint coat.

Compressor Model Power at Shaft Number of Piston (S) Piston Displacement Operating Pressure Tank Capacity
HP LPM CFM PSI Kg / cm2 Litres
Single Stage
SK 1OO SP 1 1 125 4.4 120 8.5 40
SK 150 SP 1.5 1 184 6.5 120 8.5 80
SK 2OO SP 2 1 246 8.75 120 8.5 80
SK 3OO SP 3 2 381 13.53 120 8.5 80
SK 5OO SP 5 2 645 22.85 120 8.5 160
Two Stage
SK 3OO TP 3 2 297 10.5 171.4 12 80
SK 5OO TP 5 2 489 17.26 171.4 12 150

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